Laser Engraved Ceramic Anilox

Auclean has world’s leading plasma spraying and laser engraving equipment and advanced processing technology, with more than twenty years of experience in the production of ceramic anilox, provide high quality ceramic anilox rollers.



  • Uniform cell shape,fast and even ink release
  • Easy cleaning,ideal cell shape with smooth,steep walls and flat bottom
  • Precise cell volume
  • As high a theoretical volume as possible
  • Longer life expectancy
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • High bond strength with the base metal,Low TIR
  • Volume report for each anilox

Anilox Automatic Cleaner

AC-WW Series Anilox automatic cleaning machine is newest developed product. Cleaning method is by using liquid to soften ink residual and combined with safe high-pressure washing, cleaning anilox roll totally, recover cell volume, high performance, automatic controlled, easy operation and environment friendly.



  • Adopt cleaning liquid to soften anilox cell residual, combined with high-pressure water to recover cell volume
  • Adopt environmentally friendly liquid and safe high pressure water wash
  • Cleaning liquid heat cycling to allow best cleaning performance
  • Cleaning liquid recycling, reduce cleaning cost
  • Auto-programming control, including liquid spray, water wash and blow dry
  • Machine body and inner chamber stainless sealing structure, long durability
  • Non-contact limit switch double protection
  • Clean all types of inks, UV and glue etc
  • Most excellent anilox and gravure roll cleaning method

Off Line Anilox Cleaner

AC-series automatic anilox roller cleaning machine restores the cell volume for your anilox or gravure roller. This system use baking soda powder as the blast media with air pressure to propel material against the roll surface to dislodge deposits in anilox roller cells.

As powder is softer than the roll coating damage to the engraved cells ,and it`s propelled by enough air pressure to remove deposits and not damage the coating. The nozzle expelling soda powder have been carefully positioned above the engraved surface and moved constantly over the roll surface.

Baking soda powder is gentle on the roll surface and available in particle size that reach into anilox cells. It is non-hazardous, non-toxic and effective roll cleaner. The media is propelled by air pressure less than 40 psi, a level that is also friendly to the engraved surface.

This system automatically clean the entire roll surface when properly set up and loaded.They are available for all roll lengths and diameters.


  • Fully enclosed cleaning and environment friendly
  • Only need baking soda powder and compressed air for cleaning
  • PLC controlled cleaning process
  • Pre-set program by touch screen, easy operation
  • Non-touch limiting switch, double protection
  • Easy operation, no special training required
  • Option: Cell Checking System


In Line Anilox Cleaner

In Line Anilox cleaner is designed for cleaning anilox rolls on corrugated printer slotter and other heavy-duty printing or coating equipment as clogged anilox cells can not transfer ink or coating materials properly.

For these heavy-duty machines it is very difficult and time-consuming to change or disassemble anilox rolls and there is a potential risk to damage ceramic surface. Anilox Cleaner solves this problem by providing convenient and effective in line cleaning.



  • Specially designed fast change-over cleaning head
  • High strength with light weight aluminum alloy liner rail and connection parts
  • Can be easily and quickly installed to the cleaning position
  • Available for all kinds of equipment
  • Patent technology, perfect cleaning result with even powder spray
  • PLC controlled cleaning using baking soda powder
  • Good cleaning results as well as environmentally friendly
  • No powder overflow during cleaning process
  • Automatic waste powder collection system
  • Dolly-structured design makes it easy and safe to move



Ink Cleaner

Auclean printing ink cleaning agent series products are safe, environmentally friendly, highly efficient and ensure your costly anilox roller maintain its basic condition over time.

Suitable for following ink types:
Water-based inks, solvent inks, energy curing inks swell contamination with light oil or debris.



Cell Checking System

Cell Checking System is used to examine anilox or gravure roller. Using this powerful tool, we can see the cell shape, cell wear and the conditions of deposit.

Basic unit:

  • high precision optical combined lens
  • built-in low power optical lighting system
  • optical measuring scale, resolution up to 0.005mm / lattice
  • rechargeable high-energy mobile phone power supply
  • standard magnification – 200, 400, 800 times the optional
  • other magnification can also provide

Digital detection system:

  • More than 10,000,000 pixel digital camera and adapter
  • USB standard interface computer connection

Expansion unit:

  • The depth measuring instrument, read the value 0.001mm


Scrubber and Stainless Steel Brush


Auto Scrubber:
This tool can be used on all types of rolls, Anilox, Gravure, ceramic and chrome surfaces. Always make sure the proper brush material is used on the matching roller surface coating. The auto scrubber reduces the amount of physical effort needed to clean a roller with its consistent movement of stainless steel (brass) brushes.

Stainless Steel and Brass Brushes:
Brass Brush is used to clean chrome plated anilox rolls or gravure cyliner because the soft brass won`t distort the cells as might a steel brush.

Stainless Steel Brush is used to clean ceramic aniloxes because ceramic is harder than steel and brass brushes may actually plug the cells of a ceramic roller with brass.


Auto Scrubber


Stainless Steel and Brass Brushes