Anvil Covers – Anvilok® II (A2)

Dicar’s new line of boltless Anvil Covers for Steel cylinders has a patented dual durometer compression lock that eliminates the need for a mounting bolt. The dual durometer lock makes installation easy and eliminates any soft or flat spot over the lock area to ensure consistent wear and cutting. They are around 25% lighter in weight due to the fiberglass backing which makes covers easy to handle, remove and rotate.


Anvilok-II_3 Cloth_Trans

Anvil Covers – Anvilok® II Xtrawide (A2W)

The Dicar A2 Xtrawide is available in many popular sizes. Like the standard A2, these new Boltless Anvil Covers for steel cylinders have a patented dual durometer compression lock that eliminates the need for a mounting bolt. The dual durometer lock makes installation easy and eliminates any soft or flat spot over the lock area to ensure consistent wear and cutting. They are around 25% lighter in weight due to the fiberglass backing which makes covers easy to handle, remove and rotate.

The Xtrawide reduces the number of covers per set. Therefore, the number of seams as well as cover rotations times are reduced.

Both the Standard and Xtrawide A2 covers are ideal for quick easy rotations, using our Power Rot8tion(sm) method!



Anvil Covers – Anvilok® V (A5)

The Anvilok 5 series cover is designed for Dicar’s patented Equalizer System. These are the original covers designed for the Equalizer, so they are assured to be to oem standards, and prevents damage to the bearing. Only by using original Dicar covers can you be sure to optimize performance with the correct fit.

The new 5R series of Equalizer cover is offered with fiberglass backing for lighter weight and easier handling.



Anvil Covers – Anvilok® VIII (A8)

The Anvilok VIII series cover is based on Dicar’s original one piece anvil design. It is a steel backed cover that is bolted to a steel cylinder. The steel backing offers the most durable backing to eliminate distortion and provide stability throughout the life of the cover. The bolt style lock allows the cover to compensate for minor slot wear or variations in slot chamfers.



The New Equalizer®

The patented Dicar Equalizer rotary die cut system increases die cut accuracy by correctly indexing the surface speed of the anvil cylinder to the speed of the die cylinder. The result is far greater diecutting dimensional accuracy than a conventional rotary diecutter.

The Equalizer consists of a chrome-plated anvil cylinder and an indexing bearing mounted on the cylinder with standard Dicar urethane covers mounted to the bearing. Since its introduction over ten years ago, over 1,000 Equalizer systems have been installed and are in daily operation in box plants all around the world.

The Dicar Equalizer eliminates the problem of the second blank from a two-up die becoming too short. This “piggy-back” effect is solved and it is no longer necessary to modify the second up section of the die to achieve a dimensional change in the second blank. The indexing function of the Equalizer also maintains consistency throughout the entire life of the anvil covers. With proper rotation the last cut is the same as the first.

Boltless™ Equalok® Covers
Our new Equalizer design, introduced in 1998, uses the same principals while making cover rotation simple, logical and fast. The Boltless™ Equalok® covers on the new Equalizer significantly reduce cover installation and rotation time by eliminating the need for mounting bolts.

After first removing the cutting die, cover rotation on our new Equalizer cover is accomplished by removing a section from one end, easily sliding over the others and adding the removed section back at the opposite end. Once in place, the sections automatically interlock for flawless Equalizer performance.

With the new Equalizer, cover rotation is typically completed in less than 5 minutes. The new Equalizer is available for most new and existing rotary die cutters. Installations of the original Equalizer can also be updated and modernized to this new system in your plant..




No hammers, no bolts, safe easy mounting, the Dicar AnviLatch™ system increases the efficiency and enhances the safety of mounting rotary diecutting blankets or covers. Designed for use with any boltless latch design, no additional hardware is required to secure the blanket to the cylinder. The unique ‘compression seating’ design takes safety and ease of use one step further by eliminating the need to use a hammer or mallet to seat the latch.

Simply mount the AnviLatch device… rotate the cylinder… done!


Anvilok III® Systems

Anvilok III Glue Lap Systems
The Dicar Anvilok III glue lap system converts steel to steel to the soft cutting of glue laps. This saves excessive wear on shaft bearings and extends the life of cross cut knives. Further, it prevents damage to the head through excessive knife pressure. This system can also be adapted to existing soft cut systems.

Anvilok III Hand Hole Systems
The Anvilok III hand hole system inexpensively adds die cutting capabilities to flexo-folder-gluers and printer-slotters. By mounting the Anvilok III on the slotting shafts, hand holes and other useful diecut configurations can be accomplished right on the machine. This can eliminate the necessity of a second pass on another machine or the addition of an expensive separate diecutting section. Like our Equalizer, Anvilok III incorporates Dicar’s exclusive slip bearing for self-indexing cutting accuracy. A side oscillation option is also available.

The Anvilok III can be supplied for most existing machines to convert virtually any printer-slotter or flex-folder-gluer to rotary cutting or soft anvil glue lap cutting.

Glue Tab Removal System
Never have another load returned for scrap in the glue joint!

The Dicar Glue Tab Removal System offers an economic means to ensure 100% glue tab removal on scrap critical jobs. Two non-damaging rotary brushes remove hanging tabs and other scrap from the glue tab area to ensure a clean, scrap-free glue joint.

The system consists of the tab removal unit (two non-damaging rotary brushes driven by quiet, low maintenance, low volume pneumatic motors), a user friendly control panel that may be mounted at any position convenient to the operation of the unit and brackets and hardware for installation.

Installation usually takes less than one day and can typically be completed by in-house maintenance technicians.


Wheels, Rollers & Creasing Profiles

Dicar makes custom wheels designed precisely for your application. We can quickly meet your request with a wheel engineered and fabricated with the physical properties demanded by your specific need.

Because of our unique proprietary formulations and manufacturing processes, Dicar has grown to become the leader in supplying parts to the corrugated box industry. In fact, Dicar parts are found on more new machines than the parts of any other manufacturer/supplier of urethane products.


Lead Edge & Wrap On-Wheels
Dicar Lead Edge Wheels are produced to meet or exceed O.E.M. specifications for all current feed tables. Proprietary formulations are utilized that achieve the highest coefficient of friction with the longest possible wear life. This provides for more consistent registration and does not require frequent change-overs.

Dicar’s “Wrap-On Wheels” have a dramatic effect on downtime. Typical maintenance change-over time on a heavily used feed table has been reduced from 4 to 6 hours, to less than one hour. This savings comes primarily from the Wrap-On Wheels’ elimination of the need to remove the shafts and/or hubs during change-over. Additionally, Dicar’s exclusive wheel design and urethane formulation greatly improve registration by eliminating slippage on the hub, thereby providing another saving during change-over times.



Crushless® Wheels
Crushless wheels from Dicar range from two to thirteen inches in diameter. They can be configured with press-in bearings or to stretch over hubs. We maintain most popular sizes in stock and can produce custom wheels to meet your needs. The high flexural modulus structure and formulation of our Crushless wheels provides long life while eliminating damage to the board.


Creasers and Creaser Profiles
Popular Creasing profiles are a stock item at Dicar. Our light-weight co-cast creasers are made to order.

Because of our unique formulation, our creasing material provides a consistent crease while rebounding to its original shape.



Fast-Lok™ Main Mount Bars

Dicar’s Fast-Lok main mount bars bring quick plate mounting to virtually any flexographic printer. Available for all popular machine models and sizes, Fast-Lok main mount bars can replace old style or damaged OEM lock-up bars quickly and cost effectively. In most cases Fast-Lok bars can be installed in about the time it takes to mount a cutting die.

So why keep fighting with damaged or inefficient plate mounting systems. Mount your printing plates quickly and efficiently with Fast-Lok!


Fast Lok Main Mount Bar