ROIsm-231x300Sauer System is pleased to announce the official release of the new FRX adjustable folding rail system. The system replaces existing folding rail systems or can be added to a folding section to allow greater control of the boxes as they pass through the folder.

The arms are made from lightweight aluminum tubing and can be easily cut to a specific size. The rail is made of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene, a self-lubricating, abrasion-resistant material chosen for its low coefficient of friction.

The system is designed for self-installation and features a complete installation kit and guide.

Return on Investment Considerations

  • Decreased setup time
    During certain orders, the folding rods need to be adjusted for optimal folding. The FRX system features positive locking and doesn’t require the use of mallets or other tools to loosen and adjust the rods. Furthermore, the folding arms have integrated scales which allow for repeatability of setups. These features reduce operator frustration and encourage quicker and more accurate setups.
  • Increased machine speed
    The flexible folding arms allow the folding rods to be set in exactly the right position to achieve optimal folding. This flexibility allows the machine to be run at higher speeds without compromising fold quality. In addition, the folding arms closest to the counter-ejector have elongated pennant ends that hold the boxes flat as they exit the folder.
  • Reduced jam-ups, waste, and machine downtime
    The FRX system features an internal attachment mechanism that eliminates ‘catch points’ for boxes running through the folder. When a box becomes caught on a catch point, the machine must be stopped and improperly folded boxes must be scrapped. At higher run speeds, a serious jam-up could occur resulting in significant downtime and damage to equipment. This problem is virtually eliminated with the FRX system.

Other considerations:

  • Improved folding and higher quality finished cartons.
  • Increased operator confidence and decreased frustration.
  • Decreased chance of machine downtime.
  • Easily installed by maintenance crews.



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